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Friday, July 02, 2010

Having seen twenty-seven patients today (obviously no one around here wants to watch the World Cup), I spent this evening up at the new flat, polishing our new dining table, and taking doors off their hinges so that I can get it into the living room. I then popped into Lidl, met one of the twenty-seven patients I'd seen earlier in the day, tried to avoid a conversation about eye drops, and finally got home at 9:40pm. At which point I washed my car before it got dark. Well, before it got darker. It's surprising how much energy you can get from a family-size bar of chocolate, three pieces of fruit loaf and half a Key Lime Pie. Oh, and the slice of cream cake I ate at lunchtime helped too. I should be diabetic in no time.

But anyhoo, it was worth visiting the new flat just to witness the fallout from Tuesday's towering inferno. East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service have put this leaflet through our letterbox...

Marvellous. Those working smoke alarms gave the occupiers the earliest warning of fire, allowing them to safely escape.

Or as The Argus put it in this article, "When fire crews arrived they found the trapped man hanging out of his window gasping for air. The man passed out from the severe heat and smoke inhalation and was taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital".

If that's an early warning and safe escape, thank God he didn't leave it till the last minute. His ashes would be escaping in a vacuum cleaner.


Phil's Mum said...

That sounds like 3 days' work in one evening!  Is anyone paying you triple time?

Dave said...

Mind you, the press do like to exaggerate a little.

'old' friend said...

Wonder what the notice says if someone doesn't survive?!