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Friday, July 16, 2010

Well, as it turns out, I don't have leukaemia. My doctor phoned me for a telephone consultation this morning (which is about as modern as they can get without actually posting test results on Twitter) and it seems it was all just an elaborate ploy to worry me unnecessarily for three days.

Apparently, when I had the first blood test five weeks ago, my white blood cell count was 3.1. It's now 3.4. The normal range is between 4 and 11. So whilst it's still low, it's not as low as it was, and it's edging slowly towards normality. As my doctor said to me this morning "If it's ok with you, I don't think we'll worry about it at the moment". I considered the proposal, and agreed. She admitted that it could just be a side-effect of living with a dodgy prostate, and suggested I have another blood test in three months time to see how things are. So if someone could remind me in October, I'd be grateful.

In the meantime, I've finished fusing obscure American rock with arcane British electronica, and adding it to a dull, drizzly drive in Sussex. So here's the result...

I encountered some kind of alien abduction attempt in Freshfield Road, and the electromagnetic forcefield from the mother ship played havoc with my camcorder, so there's a bit of interference after 34 seconds. It's just a shame it didn't come at 6m 30s when I crossed the solid white lines in the centre of the road. I wouldn't have minded something obscuring that.

Anyhoo, the video's only been on YouTube for a few hours, but it's already attracted some avid viewers...

Cat's Eyes
If you're wondering, those are cat's eyes in the middle of the road.


Phil's Mum said...

I don't know why I always heave a sigh of relief when you reach your destination.  If you hadn't made it, we wouldn't have the video of course!

Dave said...

<span>Who said entertainment was dead?</span>

'old' friend said...

I think you're dangerously close to saying it Dave!!! :)