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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

They do say that you can't judge someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes. Well, the good news is that I'm now fully qualified to dish out justice in the high courts of Kenya, because I've just bought a pair of MBT trainers...

Well Heeled
They're posture-improving, buttock-toning anti-shoes from Masai Barefoot Technology, and they retail for about two hundred quid. Although I bought mine for £19.99 from a charity shop. And what's more, the Barefoots have barely been worn. So the previous owner obviously thought they were rubbish.

I didn't let that put me off though. After all, the chances of a well-heeled chap simply choosing to give away his £200 shoes within a week of buying them, seems slim. I prefer to think that they were donated to charity by his widow after he fell under a bus the first time he tried to walk in them.

Either way, the discovery of a pristine pair of MBTs in my size for under twenty quid was too good an opportunity to miss, so I put my best foot forward and snapped them up immediately. And the best thing is that it was all for charity. It's like I'm doing a sponsored walk every time I wear them.


Phil's Mum said...

Couldn't you get some for Amelie as well, since she's into running?

Peter Chapman said...

I hear that if you wear these you will avoid plantar fasciitis.
Take my advice or you'll be sorry!......

Anonymous said...

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