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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

She's got a cat stool on the left, a sheep stool on the right, and she's choosing to sit in her toybox...

She's basically caught between two stools, and needs to start thinking outside the box.

But fortunately I have something to take my mind off the vast sums of money I've foolishly wasted on hand-crafted wooden toddler furniture, because I phoned up for the results of my latest blood test today. Back on June 18th, shortly before sitting a grading exam at work, I was told that in addition to chronic prostatitis, I now have digital arthritis and a low white blood cell count. Frankly, for someone who hasn't taken a day off sick in more than a year and a half, there's an awful lot wrong with me.

So I was told to have another blood test in a couple of weeks time, which I duly did last Tuesday. I'd have mentioned it at the time, but I had a sofa so good I just had to photograph it.

By pure coincidence, I was due to take another City & Guilds exam at work today, so I decided it would be the perfect time to phone up for my latest results. After all, I passed the last exam, so getting bad news obviously spurs me on to success.

Anyhoo, according to the receptionist I spoke to this afternoon, the official result of my blood test is "The doctor needs to speak to you". I'll find out more at 9:50am on Friday. So I hope I've got more than forty-eight hours to live.

Oh, and I passed the exam. I should have tried this with my A-levels.


Dave said...

Fingers crossed.

'old' friend said...

Congrats on the exam. Will be thinking of you on Friday.

Phil said...

I can't cross my fingers - I've got arthritis. But thank you both.  :)

Anonymous said...

:-$ :'( :-[ =-O