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Sunday, July 18, 2010

SlatedLisa and I went to Carpetright again yesterday, and after running our fingers through a pile of carpets, and studying an interior design colour wheel we printed off the internet (which I still don't fully understand), we eventually chose the one on the left for our bedroom. They call it 'Slate'. I call it Elephant Grey. We chose it partly because it's a nice neutral colour which should go well with our walls, but mainly because it has excellent stain-resistant qualities. So after Amelie's broken into the bedroom with a beaker of Ribena, we can easily wipe the slate clean.

Anyhoo, the carpet's slated to arrive in a week or so, but I'm hoping we can get it fitted sooner, so that we can put the bed back and I can have a lie down between jobs. I spent half of yesterday putting together one item of flat-pack furniture, and frankly I'm knackered. I don't think I'm suited to DIY. I prefer other people to do it for me.

We got quite a lot done yesterday (you can barely move in the Marie Curie shop for bags of my stuff), but despite the list of jobs decreasing, the stress levels started to rise. So in an impulsive act of possible foolishness, we've decided to throw caution to the wind and cancel all our plans for today. And that includes the shopping. I'll be living on cat biscuits and baby food by tomorrow.

So instead of slaving away at the coalface of stress, we're putting everything on hold for a day, and getting away from it all in Burgess Hill...

Lisa was attracted by the phrase 'Familes Welcome'. I preferred the words in pink.


Dave said...

I'm not building the stable now.  You should have said you needed help, I could have come and spent a week of my holiday building furniture for you.

Too late now, I'm leaving for Northants in half an hour.

Phil's Mum said...

I liked the 'Under 18 free'.  Lisa could pass for a teenager, couldn't she?