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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Yes, don't let the happy-go-lucky smile and laissez-faire hair fool you - Amelie's got chickenpox. And she seems remarkably cheerful about it. Although I slightly regret telling her that she's a poxy little child...

I think she's too big for that buggy.I think she took it the wrong way.

Anyhoo, from the moment we woke up this morning, Lisa and I have been seeing spots before our eyes. She had one on her hip, a few on her chest, and what looked like a love-bite on her neck. Frankly she looked like a teenager with no money for Clearasil.

By the time I got home from work today, the rash had spread over her shoulders and started appearing on her back. The spot under her left ear is particularly nasty. And if you look closely at the photo above, you might just see the one above her lip. That'll teach her to kiss her cousin.

But the good news is that Amelie's first major childhood disease seems to be agreeing with her. She couldn't stop laughing when I got home this evening. So she's either very happy and feeling fine, or delirious and about to slip into a coma. But the good news, according to Wikipedia, is that "chickenpox is rarely fatal". Which is enough to reassure anyone.

On the subject of the ill and insane, one of my patients today was concerned about my working conditions, and asked me if I have to spend all day doing eye tests and taking photos in a dimly lit room. When I replied that I do, she sympathised, and said "Do you feel like a pit pony?". I said "No thanks, I've only just had lunch".

I do like to run my clinics like sitcoms if at all possible.


Dave said...

I had chicken pox.  It wasn't fatal in my case.  I hope this reassures you.