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Thursday, July 12, 2012

I often think pregnancy is a lot like preparing for death. As the birth of our baby approaches, I keep thinking of numerous things I want to get done while I still have the time. It's as though my life ends in August.

So it's particularly nice to get a couple of things resolved in good time. For a start, there's my retinal haemorrhage...

The photo on the left was from June 29th, and the one on the right was yesterday. It's fading faster than Lisa walking up the hill from the bus stop. In another week it should be gone. From the look of it, Stefan's taking even clearer photos now too. Unless it's just my cataracts improving.

But not only are my leaky blood vessels on the mend, I'm also no longer haemorrhaging money from Amelie's nursery fees account. It's exactly a week ago that the nursery warned me of their intention to rob me blind out of this month's pay packet, and I'm pleased to say that the matter's now been resolved. I received another letter yesterday, essentially telling me to ignore the previous one. Apparently the original letter contained a lot of "misinformation", which is management-speak for bollocks, and they've apologised for it, and confirmed that I did, in fact, pay Amelie's nursery fees last month. Which is what I told them a week ago.

So I can sleep easy in my bed and relax, safe in the knowledge that my wages are protected, and I can continue to support my family at a socially unacceptable level of poverty. Happy days.


Phil's Mum said...

Do your employers know they're keeping you at an unacceptable level of poverty?  Or do you need to mention to all the people you know who are ABOVE that level that they are pocketing some of your share?

Jon the Bassist said...

Living the Dream in 2012!