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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The trouble with spending too much time indoors is that you end up being brainwashed by the TV. Amelie told me this morning, with great enthusiasm, that if I use Vanish Power Shots, I can lift stains right out of our clothes and fabrics, and that with 50% more power, we should all trust pink and forget stains. She then added that the Samsung Galaxy is great for gamers and tweeters. I've told her I don't care, she's not having one. I wasn't happy about her criticising my laundry skills either.

But it's not surprising she's been suckered in by the marketing men. She was actually housebound all day yesterday, with nothing to do but watch adverts. I was working on the other side of Brighton, when I received a lunchtime text message from Lisa saying that she couldn't find her keys. We have four sets in total, but one was in St Leonards with my parents, one was at Lisa's Mum's flat (and she was out all day), while the other was in my pocket. I had a patient due in half an hour, and not enough time to get home.

Fortunately, Lisa wasn't locked out, but she was due to take Amelie to nursery, and frankly you wouldn't want to leave a flat unlocked around here for more than about five seconds. She'd have come home to find all our possessions gone, and a family of squatters in the kitchen. So the result was permanent entrapment with a three-year-old child.

I phoned her from the clinic and suggested various places to look, but Lisa had already checked them all. She'd also questioned Amelie, who insisted that she didn't know where the keys were. So that was it. The two of them were stuck indoors for the afternoon. Lisa had to phone the nursery and make her excuses, while I spent the afternoon wondering how annoyed she'd be if I got home from work and found the keys straight away.

Fortunately I didn't. It took at least five minutes. The key (no pun intended) was to ask the right questions. I too received a flat denial when I asked Amelie if she knew where the keys were, but when I asked her where she'd last seen them, she quickly pointed to the two-seater sofa. I picked up the UHU box, which she'd left lying there after her last story, and underneath were the keys. I'm not saying who was responsible, but they were sitting on top of the iPad, next to an empty Fruit Shoot bottle. I don't think we need Poirot to solve this one.


A Passer-by said...

Which Poirot did you have in mind?  The one from Belgium or the one from the shire counties?

Phil's Mum said...

Who was most upset about missing Nursery - Amelie or Lisa?

Lisa said...

Definitely me

Phil said...

You're thinking of Miss Marple. Or Bilbo Baggins.

Poirot said...

Glad I was not required as very busy at the moment with the mystery of the disappearing workers at my place! 

Melinda said...

haha, i love the phrase " permanent entrapment with a three-year-old child."  I feel like that is my life! I can't believe with 4 sets of keys it was so complicated!