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Monday, July 09, 2012

Well, the baby didn't come this weekend, so I've won another two quid, which softens the blow where Federer's concerned. And at least Oxfam made some money out of him. Personally, however, I had a weekend of further expense. Maternity pads don't come cheap, you know.

It's now less than three weeks until we're due to hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet, as Amelie runs down the hallway with our newborn son under her arm. What I find particularly shocking is not the fact that the baby could come any day now, but the fact that we're pretty much ready for it. A couple of weeks ago we were about as prepared for a baby as we were for kittens back in April. But after two weekends of ceaseless work, I think the baby infrastructure is in place.

Amelie's bedroom now contains an extra cupboard, extra bookcase, and a lot less toys, while our own bed has taken a more conservative approach by moving significantly to the right. We spent yesterday afternoon at my parents' house, helping to declutter their home by removing all the junk they've been storing for us, and as a result, our old Moses basket is now standing in pride of place in our bedroom. On my side of the bed. Which I'm sure is some kind of mistake.

Of course, it's not even our Moses basket. Our friend Lorraine lent it to us four years ago, and as I wrote on my blog at the time, we were asked to return it if she had a second child. Well she did have a second child. And we didn't return it. Which shows you what grateful, giving people we are. I think I was storing DVDs in it at the time, and refused to give it back.

Lisa still hasn't packed her bag for the hospital, but I've told her she can do that during labour. The important thing is that I've got an extra loaf of bread in the freezer, and plenty of cheese and tuna, so I can make my sandwiches at the drop of a hat. Maternity ward, here we come.


Phil's Mum said...

What about Lisa's sandwiches?  I don't think she ate ANY hospital food last time.  I remember you taking her in sandwiches made out of dry crusts and the last bit of cheese which you'd been saving for the mice.

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