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Saturday, July 21, 2012

It gives me great pleasure to announce that after a night of constant pain and insomnia, the Gardner family have had a very special delivery this morning.

But it turned out to be a girl, not a boy...

Obviously there's still no sign of a baby. Lisa's spent the past eighteen hours stretched out on the bed, looking like Violet Beauregarde after a three course meal, and complaining of constant twinges, but as things stand right now, she's contracting less than the economy and looks unlikely to be joining the labour party for another day at least.

But one person who does deliver is the postman. Although he's rarely here before lunchtime. Today, however, he turned up bright and early at 11am, and pushed this thing through the letterbox...

Amelie's such a local celebrity, her fan mail tends to get here without a complete address. She's like Santa Claus. Although in this case, I've blocked out two lines for security reasons. If people know where we live, they're more likely to return the kids when we try to lose them in Asda.

Anyhoo, as fans of the current Children's Laureate may recognise, the envelope above features a hand-drawn picture of The Rhyming Rabbit. And that can mean only one thing: it's from Lydia Monks!

It was back in May that we embarked on another Gardner Family Fun Day by taking Amelie to see Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks at the Brighton Dome, after which we successfully crushed our daughter's hopes and dreams by failing to get her copy of 'The Princess & the Wizard' signed by the authors. Fortunately, however, a bit of public whining can work wonders, so having written about it on my blog, Lydia got in touch and offered to repair Amelie's broken heart with a free gift.

Great art takes time, but two months later, she's sent us an original signed painting of Princess Eliza. And Amelie loves it. I couldn't be more pleased if Damien Hirst had mailed us a cow. So thank you, Lydia, you're a star.


Phil's Mum said...

Brilliant!  I know it will be a treasured possession.

Poirot said...

Had me fooled for the first couple of lines - you teaser! Well done Lydia for keeping your promise to asmall person.

lydia monks said...

Hope it was worth the wait!! x

Phil said...

It was - thank you very much!