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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

As any fancy-dress aficionado will tell you, pigs wear pink, zebras wear black & white, and tigers wear...

... grey shirts from charity shops. It's where Esso got the phrase 'put a tiger in your tank top'.

Anyhoo, that's my family and other animals posing for the camera at 7pm last night. I know it looks like Lisa's had the baby, but in fact that's Big Sis on the right. She popped in for a couple of hours yesterday evening, on her way to a meeting of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, which was taking place in Brighton. She's not a member, obviously, but she was invited to speak to them about aviation. It's what you call a flying visit. I think they'd seen 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' and assumed it was a documentary.

So we spent an enjoyable two hours catching up on the state of Big Sis's love life, work life and deeply private life (I'll publish those details another time), before hearing a first-hand account of one person's experiences in the modern world of piracy...

She'd let the mask slip by then, of course, but she paints the kind of appealing picture of piracy that makes you feel like booking a cruise around Somalia. It's odd how the issue seems a lot less black & white when she's no longer dressed as a zebra.


Phil's Mum said...

Its just as well Lisa hadn't had the baby.  If he'd seen all that, he would have wished he hadn't come!