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Friday, June 28, 2013

Quick! Somebody lock this door before she gets back in!!!

That's Toby practising for the zombie apocalypse by locking Amelie out of our chalet. I helped him draw the curtains so we could do our best to ignore her.

But that was last week, and if you think our lives revolve around constant trips to theme parks and tourist attractions, you'd be wrong. In reality, our children can entertain themselves with nothing more than some grass and a bit of decking...

Unfortunately, we live in a flat and have neither. So we're off to Legoland. I've been saving up our Tesco Clubcard vouchers since January, and it's bought us three free tickets for Legoland Windsor. Toby's staying in the car park.

Today is my last day of annual leave, and the last time I'll be able to take Amelie out for the day during term-time without paying a fine or forging a sick note. So we're throwing caution to the wind (and I've seen the weather forecast - we should have some between the rain), ignoring our debts, and living it large in Berkshire.