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Friday, June 07, 2013

Something smells fishy...

Yes, forget the Gruffalo and Barry Scott, the most popular fictional character in this house is currently Mrs Stink, a brand new comic creation from the genius that brought you Twinkling Stars in the Night. At least I hope she's fictional. I'm slightly concerned she might be based on Lisa. Those are clearly Belgian Buns stuck to her head.

Amelie drew that picture yesterday and, as she explained to me at the time, not only is the character called Mrs Stink, but you can actually see the smells coming out of her. Which is a delightful mental image made flesh. She's also fat and angry, which is understandable given her physical shortcomings.

Clearly a book deal is only a matter of time, and the best part is that I can leave Amelie to do the pitch to the publishers...

Never mind Mrs Stink, I can sense the sweet smell of success...


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Jon the Bassist said...

I love Mrs Stink.
I think the first story should be Mrs Stink and the strange case of the missing Belgian buns