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Monday, June 17, 2013

We've arrived in Brixham! And Amelie's already taken her first photo of Disco Bear...

That's him relaxing on the sofa in our luxury chalet with his good friend Kayla the cat. We've been here for six hours and we still haven't managed a family photo, but the cuddly toys were being papped within five minutes of arrival.

Anyhoo, this is where we're staying...

You wouldn't get that for fifteen quid in The Sun. It's worth at least twice that. It's bigger than our flat and has nicer furniture, although by the time we've been here a week, it'll probably be just as stained.

It's also conveniently situated on a cliff...

That's Amelie checking how quickly she can run from the cliff edge to the patio doors in the event of a sudden landslide. The coastal path is on the other side of those bushes, and we've got views over St Mary's Bay. It's actually very nice.

We got here from Brighton in just under seven hours, which isn't bad when you have a family who can turn a five minute toilet stop into an hour-long eat-athon. I've no idea why they call it fast food. We spent an hour and a quarter at the services on the M27, and another hour in Honiton. Although the latter was surprisingly pleasant.

Of course, if we'd brought our own food, the stops might not have been necessary. And the good news is that I spent a considerable amount of time this morning preparing peanut butter sandwiches for Amelie, and freshly baked ham & tomato ciabattas for Lisa. The bad news is I left them in the fridge. So if anyone wants a free lunch tomorrow, my Mum's got a spare key.


Phil's Mum said...

Mmmm! I might have to go and raid your fridge. But if that's the only thing you forgot, you did well! It DOES look nice - do you think you could get an extension on the rent for another 3 months? Have a great time.