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Monday, June 03, 2013

With hindsight, I'm not sure I should have put that net curtain in the tumble dryer...

This time yesterday it touched the windowsill, but let's face it, the windowsill is generally filthy and covered in mould, so I think it's far better to have it hovering ten inches above. I'm trying to sell it to Lisa as a café curtain. And it has the added bonus of allowing Amelie to spy on the neighbours without lifting it up. Not that she's much of a spy. She tends to wave at anyone she sees.

Anyhoo, the good news is that Lisa's currently distracted from my laundry efforts by doing some washing of her own. I came home from work today to find her in the shower, which was worrying as she'd already had one this morning, so I knew she was either having an affair or trying to be Bobby Ewing.

After some tough questioning, she finally broke down and admitted that she had met someone this afternoon, but it turned out to be her friend Lorraine, who is nowhere near as filthy as you might think, and doesn't usually warrant a shower. This time, however, they'd spent the afternoon at Queens Park, and having sat in the sun for five hours, they'd ended up with a fate far worse than skin cancer.

Apparently a seagull had pooped all over them. Lisa was forced to walk all the way home stinking of rotten fish, and looking like Amelie after a session with her face paints. Her delicate woollens are currently in the wash. I'll be tumble-drying them later.


Zed said...

"She'd already had one this morning." TMI, dear heart, TMI.

Phil's Mum said...

Knowing what a mess they regularly make on my car, I can understand that Lisa soon ran out of wet wipes!

Anonymous said...

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