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Friday, May 14, 2004

I took Lisa to The Shipwreck for dinner last night, where we repeated our trick of refusing to leave any establishment until we're outnumbered at least 2 to 1 by staff members standing by the door coughing and looking at their watches. I was hoping to get the meal free, due to the fact that I've been plugging the place on my website links page for the past year, but bizarrely they seemed to expect me to pay for my food just like any common person would. It was almost as if they had no idea who I was.

We walked back around Shotley Point in complete darkness, and managed to avoid falling into the sea, which was something of an achievement as I'd really let myself go and consumed a total of two, count them, TWO alcoholic drinks that evening, so naturally I was a bit shaky on my feet. It was all I could do to stop myself singing Sinatra songs and telling Lisa she's my best mate.

And that's it really. Which is what happens when you slob around in your pyjamas until 6pm.