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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I've received a detailed two page 'reader's report' on 'Be Worth It' from the Soho Theatre & Writers Centre in London. Once again, it singularly fails to include a promise of vast sums of money and a two year residency at the theatre (which was probably an oversight), but it did feature the following positive comments...

"This play has a very strong theatrical concept"

"makes for an interesting and engaging drama"

"the language is consistently strong and natural"

"This play has a clever and dramatically interesting construction"

"The writer makes some great play out of Helen's flirting with Russell"

"This play has the potential to be a successful and dramatic exploration of modern themes and values"

Marvellous. Unfortunately...

"I am worried that the sheer volume of subjects tackled makes this area of the play sound more like a lecture or presentation of the writer's own ideas than a believable human drama"

"The ending left me feeling disappointed"

"Pauline is lacking any real direction and journey of her own"

"it feels like it needs one more meaty draft to draw the characters out and fulfil the great concept"

And finally, my personal favourite...

"I think Adam is too articulate"

Fantastic. You try to write one character with a bit of intelligence and wisdom, and what happens - he's TOO ARTICULATE. Good grief. I knew I should have made him say "D'oh" more often.