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Thursday, May 13, 2004

The last thing I saw at the Ipswich Regent was 'Art' last October, so clearly anything would be an improvement, but despite that, I have to say Derren Brown was excellent last night. Being Master Magic, the Magician's Son, I was able to see through Mr Brown's opening trick, and then successfully perform it for Lisa in my living room when we got home, which left her utterly convinced of my psychologically manipulative powers. Until I revealed how it was done. At which point she used a word I couldn't possibly repeat here.

But from the opening trick onwards, I was totally impressed by Derren Brown. He's the consummate showman, and 90% of the evening was nothing short of stunning. Sadly Lisa and I failed to get onstage, more due to luck than anything else - Derren's method of choosing volunteers consisted of chucking a frisbee into the audience every five minutes, the recipient of which found themselves part of the entertainment, like it or not. Lisa's tactics involved sinking down into her seat every time a frisbee was about to be launched, fending off a panic attack each time one came within ten yards, and claiming she had a serious medical condition which prohibited the use of her legs.

It was a fantastic show anyway, but I'm cursing my decision not to be listed in the Ipswich phone book, as Derren has apparently learnt the whole thing off by heart, and can give you your phone number and address the moment you state your surname and initial. Which surely isn't possible. As Derren himself said, "everything you've seen here tonight is real, but nothing is based in reality".