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Thursday, May 20, 2004

I was watching ITV's fine talk show 'Trisha' this morning (and what's more, I'm not ashamed to admit it). The subject of today's edition was something along the lines of "I'm Too Fat to Marry". So naturally I felt I should watch, for research purposes only you understand.

Anyhoo, the show featured a woman in her fifties who weighed 25 stone. Trisha, always one to seek out the truth behind the headlines, posed the question:

"Have you always been a larger lady?"

To which the woman in question replied:

"No, no, not at all..."

She then paused for a second, before continuing in complete seriousness with:

"I didn't start putting on weight til I was 11."

So obviously being fat is quite a recent thing for her. She must have struggled to adjust.

I now realise I've been lying my whole life to all those people who have ever asked me "Have you always been able to write?". The answer of course is no. There was a good three or four years at the beginning of my life when I struggled to pick up a pen at all.