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Saturday, May 22, 2004

I've just investigated the worldwide impact of my Which Poddington Pea Are You quiz. I may have been stoopid to write the thing, but a quick survey of the search engines shows that there are clearly people with far bigger problems than me. A number of people are actually displaying their pea personality on their own websites.

There's 20 year old Emily, who's happy to admit to being Sleep-pea. Alex and Ruth, a couple of teenagers from an American independent preparatory school, who are Sweet-pea and Hap-pea respectively (leading to the comment from Ruth, "Haha! I was in Girl Scouts" - you see, it DOES produce accurate results. And some people thought I just threw that quiz together).

And then there's Carol, who, on top of finding out which Poddington Pea she is, is also planning to fight me for Orlando Bloom. Which is worrying.

But not as worrying as the fact that 20 year old girls on both sides of the Atlantic are perfectly happy to display the words "Good grief, you make me sick", alongside my name and website address. Still, at least my writing is reaching a wider audience.