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Saturday, May 15, 2004

The postman has brought me three interesting items of mail this morning:

1. A postcard from St Lucia, on which my Big Sis has helpfully written "the arrow shows where we are staying", and then drawn an arrow which points off the edge of the postcard.

2. A party invitation from da Melee, which promises "champagne and canapes", and insists on "smart dress". Yeah, like I own anything smart. I'd better get down the charity shops.

And spookiest of all...

3. A letter from the Wolsey Theatre inviting me to a production of 'Candida' in Ipswich next month. They HAVE to be reading my blog. I study Candida at A-level, 13 years on I finally reveal the secret in the poet's heart to an expectant public via this blog, and just ten days later I'm being begged to attend a new production of the play. At least I THINK it's the same play. It says it's written by Bernard Shaw, but it also describes it as "an exquisite comedy". But I expect that's just a typographical error.