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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Aaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh!!!!! (That's a technical term). I am not a happy bunny. I knew it couldn't last - a year and a half of undeserved intrusion-free blogging has finally come to an end.

When I joined Blogger a billion years ago, they offered to remove the advert at the top of the page for a bargain-priced fee of just $12 a year. I duly handed over my eight quid, and the ads vanished. Blogger then evolved, changed their system, and somehow I seemed to get permanently stuck on some sainted list of ad-free blogs. I was never asked for more money (despite my $12 subscription expiring 18 months ago), never handed over another penny, yet still the ads resisted the temptation to return.

Until now. Blogger has taken another evolutionary step, and replaced the old adverts with the all-new, all-singing-and-dancing, 'NavBar', a technological breakthrough which they've kindly seen fit to slap at the top of my blog, obscuring my lovely mauve decorative heading, and generally buggering (I mean bloggering) up my customised template. I could cry. I paid over £7.50 in good faith - the least they could do is let me continue to blog ad-free for the rest of my life. Is that really too much to ask???

The irony is that I'm only here because I couldn't sleep. I'm meant to be relaxing over a strawberry yoghurt while I wait to catch the sleepy train. I feel more like I've eaten a British Rail sandwich and heard the train's been derailed at Clapham junction. Still I was only complaining to Lisa a few hours ago that I can't stay awake and I have nothing to blog about. Be careful what you wish for...