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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Today is Gay Pride 2004 in Brighton, and despite a kind invitation from one of Lisa's more heterosexually challenged chums for the two of us to support our LGBT brothers and sisters (anyone who asks what LGBT stands for will be immediately barred from this blog for not being PC enough) by attending this year's event, we chose instead to avoid the 90,000 strong crowd and head back to Suffolk instead, where 'gay' still means happy. Personally I was disappointed, as Kitten from Big Brother was promising to put in an appearance, and I wanted to ask her if she's still against war and starvation. The possible presence of Betty Swollocks was an added attraction.

Fortunately Sussex Police have issued a mission statement for this year's Pride, which includes a promise about learning from last year's experience and ensuring that "debrief points" are addressed. I imagine there'll be a fair amount of debriefing during the day. Especially as the official press release claims that 10,000 Pride condom packs will be handed out "at the bushes". There's no suggestion of a proper noun there, so I presume they mean that literally.

Lisa and I stayed up til 2am last night watching the video of the Big Brother final (not that we're sad at all), so feel free to shout the name of the winner through the letterbox now. As a staunch supporter of the LGBT community, I'm a big Nadia fan, so I was particularly pleased to see her win. And a bisexual ginge come second. It was top stuff. I was pouting along at home for all I was worth.