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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Word has reached us from Italy that Lisa embarked on "a quick 10 minute walk" this morning, and successfully managed to find her way back to the hotel in just two hours. Which may be some kind of record for Lisa, who has a tendency to turn the wrong way coming out of shops she's been frequenting for ten years, and recently headed for a cupboard at a friend's house thinking it was the front door (she'd only been there a few dozen times before).

Fortunately she had the common sense to take a map with her today, which is why it only took her the two hours. She's lucky she didn't end up in Rome, as apparently all roads lead there. But sadly she failed to have enough foresight to take a dusty old donkey to carry the water bottles, and having lugged them around Lake Garda for a tad more than ten minutes, is now too knackered to leave the sofa. So it's a good start to the holiday.

But I'm sure she'll be perked up by the news that I've had a search engine hit for the words 'Lisa Gardner'. Talk about jumping the gun. I haven't even booked the church yet. But it is our three month anniversary today (feel free to say 'aah'). And she had the audacity to go away without me. I know, it's outrageous.

Is it my imagination, or is Lisa actually getting even more coverage in this blog now that she's out of the country? I must be missing her.

But I'm sure my aim will improve...