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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Definition of Irony:

Writing a blog post on Thursday about how you tried, and failed, to meet Chris Eubank, then heading off into Hove on Friday afternoon to drown your sorrows in a sea of charity shops, pulling out of the car park at 4:15pm, and nearly colliding headlong with Mr Eubank's Hummer, which was swinging around the corner in my direction.

Fortunately he stopped in time to avoid hitting the woman who was crossing the road in front of him, so I took the opportunity to meet his gaze with the kind of look which said "I heard you got six points on your licence in court yesterday". Sadly he ignored me, but that's possibly because he was distracted by the Ipod he was wearing at the time.

Of course, driving along with headphones on is actually illegal, so when I go to the press with the story, it should be curtains for Chris's driving licence, and bye-bye to the Hummer. Which would be a shame, coz I only ever seem to meet the man when he's in his car.

But anyhoo, the more exciting news of yesterday was that I bought a Colin Fry video in the Hove pound shop. Guess how much it was? A pound. They can't give 'em away. I haven't watched it yet, but I'm sure it's quality through and through. As Colin himself says on the video cover, "Take a deep breath, make a nice cup of tea, get a box of tissues, plump up the cushions, pop in the video and be prepared for a good cry".

Honestly, could that man be any more camp?