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Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm beginning to get slightly fed up with the Labour Party now. Not so much their policies, but more the effect they have on the Brighton traffic. Having tried three different routes to get Lisa to work in the past three days, I reverted back to the seafront this morning, resulting in a journey time of 45 minutes for a distance of just over five miles. You could jog it quicker. I did enjoy watching the "random checkpoint" though, half a mile from the Brighton Centre, where you have to wait at the side of the road while six policemen with machine guns search the boot of your car.

Last night was more enjoyable though. Having received the news that Lisa had gained promotion at work, and has now reached the dizzying heights of 'person-who-can-tell-other-people-what-to-do', I decided to push the boat out, and took her to Pizza Hut to celebrate. Obviously I'm on a diet, but may I say how nice the new large sized Golden Stuffed Crust pizza is. If you're going to eat 3000 calories in one go, there's no better way to do it.

The West Quay PubFrom there we walked to the West Quay pub at Brighton Marina (beautifully pictured right, in a photo I didn't take), past the casino, where I noticed a posh car with the registration 'Grieg' parked in the priveleged parking space by the entrance. Eric Morecambe's dead, so I can only assume it was Andre Previn. But the West Quay was nice. We sat in the middle window and looked at the boats, before deciding that Lisa would probably have to save her pay rise for a hundred years to afford one.

Anyhoo, when I said yesterday that "there's always tomorrow" for another bid at international fame on the seafront, I was forgetting there's horse racing on the telly this afternoon. It clashes with the closing conference speeches, which is a bit of a shame, but one needs to get one's priorities right. Sadly I've failed to get an early tip from the racing supremo that is Lisa's mother (who claims to have picked out another 20-1 winner yesterday), due to the Brighton Argus' scandalous decision not to print the following day's racing cards in the evening paper, but for anyone about to join the office gambling syndicate, or with large amounts of money to burn, here are my sure-fire tips for this afternoon's live races on Channel 4:

1:05 Centaurus at 5-1

1:40 Ryedale Ovation at 20-1

2:10 Modeeroch at 10-1

2:45 Yasoodd at 5-1

Oh, and needless to say, they can't lose.

But back them each way in case they do.

STOP PRESS - 1:30pm
News is in from the silver haired tipster. Lisa's Mum is going for 'West of Amarillo' in the 2:45, at odds of 25-1.

She'll be lucky.