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Saturday, September 17, 2005

I've had a letter this morning from Brighton & Hove City Council. Seeing as it's now twelve days since I received my parking ticket, and the man behind the bullet-proof glass told me they'd contact me in about two weeks with the result of my appeal, it doesn't take a genius to guess what the letter is about.

Unfortunately geniuses aren't always right. It actually says this:

"Dear Sir/Madam, (putting my name at the top was obviously too much trouble)

Thank you for your communication received on 6/09/05 regarding Penalty Charge Notice BH17612039 issued on 05 September 2005.

Your case will be referred to a council officer who will give full consideration to the matters raised and respond to you directly as soon as they have completed their investigations. If you wish for further evidence to be taken into account, this must also be put in writing and sent to the above address."

So two weeks on and they've got as far as acknowledging my complaint. It doesn't exactly inspire confidence. But I'm seriously tempted to print out my blog post from 6th September and send that in as 'further evidence'.

Anyhoo, in the meantime I've decided I want to Pick My Own Pig. No, really. For just £279 you can get a 'Pig Consortium' (which sounds like the Brighton & Hove Parking Department) to grow a free range pig for you, e-mail you a photo of it, then deliver it to your door when it's ready. Unfortunately it arrives in pork chops and sausages, so it won't make much of a pet, but even so, the photos look quite cute...

Pick Your Own Pig
... although I hope they wash the mud off first.

So start saving. There are less than a hundred shopping days till Christmas. And I still want a sugar glider too.