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Friday, September 30, 2005

Granville HotelThe things I do for my friends (and I use the term loosely). This is me standing outside the Granville Hotel at 8:45am this morning in the pouring rain, shortly after stepping into a deep puddle. My socks still haven't dried two hours later. Although on the bright side, it's probably helped wash the cat wee off my shoes.

Anyhoo, for the benefit of Crash n Donna and their plans for a dirty weekend in February, I'm happy (kind of) to report that the Granville Hotel looks alright. It's less than two hundred yards from the Brighton Centre, so Tony Blair probably knows it well, and close enough to the Grand Hotel to have felt the rumbles from Margaret Thatcher's stay in 1984. It's not huge, but it's right on the seafront, with panoramic views of the West Pier wreckage as it breaks into a thousand rusty pieces and floats off towards France. They also have a lot of tropical-looking plants outside, which probably won't survive the winter.

Hotel PeliroccoI was slightly less happy by the time I reached the Hotel Pelirocco. Partly because it was raining heavily and threatening to ruin my phone, partly because I had a street cleaner looking at me suspiciously and wondering why I was standing in a monsoon holding a phone out in front of me like the Statue of Liberty, but mainly because I felt like I was posing for the cameras outside a brothel. But a high class brothel, it has to be said. Frankly I think it's right up Crash n Donna's street. Although the street it's actually up is Regency Square, just around the corner from the Granville.

Regency Square seemed quite posh, and much quieter than the seafront (although it's only 50 yards away), but you won't get a sea view from where the Pelirocco is. It looked quite funky, but the moody blue lighting and white fluffy things I could see through the downstairs window, did make it look like a sex club for rich people. It's the sort of place you'd expect to see Jordan and Peter Andre on a Friday night. I obviously got there a bit early.

Both hotels are in the perfect place though - seafront just seconds away, shops about a minute, and bars and restaurants everywhere, as well as being only ten minutes walk from Lisa's place of work, and even less than that from the Mind charity shop. It couldn't be more convenient.

If it was me, I'd be more inclined towards the Granville - traditional yet modern (they can quote that on the advertising if they want to), and suited to a reserved, classy gent such as myself (no, really). But frankly the Pelirocco was Crash n Donna to a tee. Funky, stylish, sexy, and just tacky enough to be cool. If they can't sell that 8 foot circular bed and mirrored ceiling to Crash n Donna, they can't sell it to anyone. Book it now, guys. Seriously.


Phil said...

Donna Are we really that easy to read? Cheers mate

30 September 2005, 11:55:50 Donna
Ooops no "/b>" for me ...30 September 2005, 11:56:19 Lisa
What a write up. Both hotels should be paying you for your reviews. You could make a living being a writer you know.30 September 2005, 13:33:07 Dave
Why do you have your right eyebrow cocked in a Mr Spock kind of way?30 September 2005, 13:43:04 Donna
I wonder why Phil never thought of that Lisa ...30 September 2005, 13:57:06Crash
Seen as you were only 10 mins away from Lisa I don't think we need to bother with the expense account...30 September 2005, 14:01:35Crash
Anyway I was thinking of a weekend of culture!30 September 2005, 14:02:59Donna
Oh yeah? Count me out then. 30 September 2005, 14:57:21 Crash
Anyone free weekend of 18th Feb then?30 September 2005, 16:17:18 Phil
I'll come with you Crash. But only because the Pelirocco has 42" plasma TVs in the rooms. We can watch The South Bank Show together. :+:

Oh, and my eyebrow was raised quizzically in a kind of what-am-I-doing-taking-a-photo-of-myself-standing-outside-a-hotel-in-the-rain type of a way.30 September 2005, 19:34:35Phil's Mum
Why are we getting all these black squares, instead of people's photos? Or is it just our computer?30 September 2005, 21:34:58Phil
Um... I think it's just your computer. Have you downloaded some kind of dodgy picture blocker? Or is it just some kind of technical aversion to my face? :?:01 October 2005, 00:00:13Dave
I'm just getting the black squares for Donna. Your and my pictures come up superbly.

I thought it was some kind of Goth statement on Donna's part.01 October 2005, 07:57:21 Phil's Mum
I've got it for both Donna and Phil. You're still there, Dave, which is some consolation (I think).01 October 2005, 23:14:38 Donna
It appears to be quite random. Sometimes it's black, sometimes not, both here (work) and at home. It's one of those mysteries of t'internet.03 October 2005, 09:29:11

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