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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Blind leading the blind Look at that. It's quality is that. You've never seen such fine workmanship in all your life. I am a DIY god. And anyone who says there's a bigger gap on the right than the left, doesn't know what they're talking about. It's meant to be like that.

Anyhoo, I successfully installed the new roller blind in Lisa's bathroom yesterday, despite my fear of heights, and the fact that I had the wrong size rawlplugs. I ended up cutting the aluminium tube on Lisa's computer table with a junior hacksaw. It worked quite well, and I don't think she's noticed the pile of metal fragments on the carpet. So all in all it was a job well done. Though that's the last time I attempt to drill through a bathroom tile from the top of a rickety stepladder.

But having served my purpose as a handyman, I returned home last night, arriving back in Shotley Gate at 1:15am. At least, I think it's Shotley Gate. It was so foggy most of the way, frankly I could have ended up anywhere.

But now I'm back in the 21st century, with access to a scanner, I thought I'd present Exhibit A for any budding graphologists out there...

Working Lunch
I still think it looks like W Lunch.

I've also received the following e-mail this morning, all the way from San Francisco, California...

"Hi Phil,

I like your site and I listened to your rendition of Luckiest by Ben Folds. I am getting married this coming weekend, and would love to have a good friend of mine sing that song at the wedding. A little cheesy I know but what a great song. Do you happen to have a MIDI version of the song with no vocals? I have been desperately searching and unfortunately am not skilled enough to make my own. Thank you!


So I'm off to try and persuade him to fly me out there for the weekend to play it live. After all, what's the price of a plane ticket when you're desperate and short of time. Nothing, that's what.

Although we're talking San Francisco here, so his fiancee's probably called Steve.