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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

We've won the Ashes! I so nearly care. But still, it's nice to see that the England cricket team aren't afraid to get on a London bus.

Personally I'm more interested in the high quality of visitor I seem to be attracting at the moment. This blog had a hit yesterday from Ask Jeeves for the question "I have the second sight so what should I do with my gift?"

I'd like to think the person found what they were looking for here, but if not, I'd suggest playing the lottery and becoming a weatherman. But hey, they probably already knew I was going to say that.

On the subject of blogs, I successfully managed to track down the reason why Jeremy Blachman deserved a mention in Blogger's 'Blogs of Note' the other week. It seems he was featured in The New York Times nine months ago (so Blogger clearly have their finger on the pulse) for writing the lawyer's equivalent of Belle de Jour. Which automatically makes his personal blog noteworthy. And I wouldn't disagree - his latest post mentions that he attends a "level 2 improv comedy class", which is one of the more startling things I've read today. Let's hope they offer a refund.

But anyhoo, I don't need Jezza any more, because Blogger have just added a new blog of note. It's called Circadiana, and it's kind of like Jeremy's blog, but without the humour. It also has Dave's problem of the links appearing at the bottom of the page in Internet Explorer, so it's nice to know that even bloggers of note have trouble with their templates.
Talking of computer problems (the links in this post are just seamless), I've discovered a cure for one of my most regular PC complaints, as depicted by the photo on the right, which looks like my dear departed fatty Osk (see below), but in fact isn't. Frankly if Oscar had stood on your keyboard, you'd need a new keyboard.

But it turns out that you can nowOscar cat-proof your computer with PawSense, a piece of software which can "detect cat typing". So presumably that's frequent references to fish, and orders for Whiskas at Tesco Online. It then emits "a sound that annoys cats", which for Oscar was the words "No, you can't have any more food", but in this case is a bit of mouth organ music, because, according to PawSense, "most cats dislike the harmonica". Although my cat hates modern jazz even more.

Anyway, I've listened to the clip in question, and I think it's safe to say that it's not Larry Adler. Frankly, one burst of that music, and I felt like getting off the computer.