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Thursday, September 22, 2005

It looks like I have another Orlaith on my hands. In the past 48 hours, visitors to my Telly Critic blog have more than tripled, thanks to numerous hits for the phrases...
Jasmine Lennard
Jasmine Lennard nude
Jasmine Lennard tits


Jasmine Lennard bitch

Personally I'd go with the last one, but each to their own.

In fact, for the past two days, 83% (I'll just repeat that for dramatic effect), 83% of all the search engine hits I've received have been Lennard related. I'm one of the world's leading resources for that woman's breasts.

So I thought I'd give my visitors what they require. Anyone desperately searching for Jasmine Lennard naked should click on the photo above. It should give you what you need.

Anyhoo, it's been two and a half long weeks, but I'm finally off back down to Brighton today for a fortnight of fun in the sun. Which reminds me, are we supposed to be putting sun cream on Oscar's ears this time? Who knows. Well, Lorraine probably knows. I must remember to ask her tomorrow night.

But it's now little more than 24 hours before we'll be reunited with the evil hell-fiend of doom that is Timmy. Although I'm sure he'll grow on me this time. Especially as I plan to keep him locked in a cupboard for the next two weeks.

Thinking about it, I should probably wait until Lorraine's left the country before saying things like that in public. Oh what the heck, I've promised to keep her cats alive, what more does she want?