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Friday, November 18, 2005

Breaking news from today's Daily Comet (which is like the Daily Star, only more fast-moving) (frankly I never read anything else) (although it is a local paper for the town of Thibodaux in Louisiana, so you have to wonder what kind of life I lead), is this story. Apparently a woman has called 911 after being served cold onion rings at her local Malt-N-Burger.

And not just any woman. Sharita Williams of 132 Senator Circle, Thibodaux. That's what I love about local papers - none of this "can't be named for legal reasons" nonsense - they're straight in there with the full name and address. I think I'll write to Sharita. We could become pen pals. Frankly we already share the same high standards in food preparation, so who knows what else we might have in common.

Anyhoo, I'm off to Brighton now, via a stop-off in Chelmsford, where I hope to bump into my sister for a couple of hours. I won't be able to hear her above the sound of my Dad practicing the violin of course, but it'll just be nice to see her smiling face. But woe betide my mother if she serves me any lukewarm food for tea...