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Monday, November 28, 2005

Lisa's sister gave birth to a boy last night. So that's Wilma out the window. I'm currently lobbying for Butler instead.

But that aside, I do wonder where this blog would be without my letterbox. Or rather without people continually shoving rubbish through it. Being on the ball and up to the minute, I've finally got around to going through the pile of junk kindly donated to me whilst in Brighton last week, and amongst it I've found an item personally hand-delivered by a represenative of Babergh District Council. It's addressed thus...

7 Up
... and says it was brought to me by a canvasser on behalf of the council who are very worried that I haven't returned my electoral registration form this year. The canvasser knocked on my door, got no reply, so scribbled this on the form...

URGENT!... along with a note threatening me with a £1000 fine if I ignore it, and shoved the whole lot through my letterbox.

Naturally I'm not worried, because I happen to know I returned my form a couple of months ago, and besides, I'm not easily intimidated.

So anyway, here's a photo of my letterbox. The same letterbox in front of which a canvasser stood, ringing my doorbell and scribbling threatening messages on a form addressed to number 7, before opening it and posting the paperwork through.

Spot the Difference
Honestly, Brighton & Hove council are more competent.