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Sunday, November 13, 2005

I've just been working out the chords to the Hanson song 'Deeper'. Yes, I know it's not cool for a fully grown man to admit to being into Hanson, but I'll have you know that their latest album exhibits a surprising level of musical maturity and the kind of emtionally charged lyrics not seen since the days of 'Mmmbop'. I can recommend it.

Anyhoo, having just referred to the CD sleeve for lyrical purposes, I've discovered that backing vocals on 'Deeper' are sung by Michelle Branch. So it's no wonder I like it. The dashing hero in 'Be Worth It' was named Adam Branch for a reason - it's a combination of the first man, and my idea of the first woman. At least she was then. She's now been relegated to second place.

But anyway, the chorus to 'Deeper' goes...

I'm falling deeper and deeper and deeper in love,
And I'm feeling more and more and more and more and more alone.

It's a song about living 140 miles from Brighton.

No, really.

And it's no wonder I'm keen to get down there. I bought this postcard on Wednesday...

Greetings From Brighton
... which successfully highlights the appeal of the place. I think I've walked past that portaloo.

In other news, am I the only one who finds that Welsh bloke on the McDonalds adverts intensely irritating?