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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

So there I was yesterday lunchtime, chewing on a carrot stick, helping myself to more steamed broccoli, and looking forward to the fresh fruit salad I'd prepared for afters, when I decided I really ought to start on my Christmas shopping. Well the last bit of that is true anyway. This time last year I'd actually completed my festive purchasing, and was on chapter five of my novel. A novel I plan on finishing one day. So I decided that seeing as I'm in Brighton, with access to numerous quaint gift shops selling everything from drugs to witchcraft essentials, I really ought to make a start.

So I spent yesterday afternoon trailing around the backstreets of Brighton, and after three hours of non-stop shopping, what do I have to show for my efforts? Two gifts and a blister. At this rate it'll take me till January.

But I did see an entire range of Christmas cards for the gay community, one of which said on the front:
We're Here,
We're Queer,
We're Full of Christmas Cheer!

Which made me laugh anyway.

I was also tempted by some 'Mother Theresa Breath Spray', but wasn't sure who to give it to. And I found a shop selling Crash n Donna's tasteful Men in Pants coasters, so if they ever need a replacement set (though frankly I don't imagine they get a lot of use out of them), I'll know where to go.

Anyhoo, six weeks to go, and only another (quick count on the fingers) ten presents to buy. I think I'll resort to gift vouchers.