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Monday, November 21, 2005

My horoscope, courtesy of Mystic Meg in today's Sun:

"Your home chart is at the centre of the action and, after all the waiting, you get the cash go-ahead for changes you want to make. The extra living space could do a lot for a love relationship too".

If that's not proof positive that my brother's putting in an offer on a flat as we speak, I don't know what is. Although from the sound of that "extra living space", he's not going for the studio flat.

Anyhoo, I'm doing my best to stay off the internet today, as Lisa's sister is expecting her third child in just nine days time, and the last one was two weeks early, so we're on a state of high alert around here. And I might not be too popular if Lisa misses the birth because I'm busy surfing the net for hair replacement products. Although it is true that I've just been looking at Mane UK, after seeing an advert in yesterday's paper which claimed to give you a full head of hair within seconds for just £13. I'd quite like a mane, although Lisa's already informed me that I'd look "ridiculous".

So I'd better be off. I'm hoping to combine a lunchtime meeting with Lisa, with some possible Christmas shopping, whilst still finding time to write a light-hearted critique of a TV institution. In which I'll be revealing that Lisa's cousin's daughter's boyfriend was strapped to David Dickinson as he jumped out of a plane last night. No, really, it's true. Frankly me and The Duke are like that (cross your fingers as you read that bit).