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Friday, June 01, 2007

Good news. The price of moving in next door to me is falling by the hour. Five weeks ago the flat upstairs from me was on the market with Wyatts for £179,950. Well despite holding an open day, and taking buyers past my living room window on a regular basis, Wyatts clearly aren't cutting the mustard (possibly because their estate agents can never get in the outside door, and end up ringing my buzzer instead), so as of today the flat's on the market with the Halifax for a mere £178,000. Local property prices are clearly plummetting by more than fifty pounds a day! Give it ten years and I'll be able to afford a place.

South Facing Communal CourtyardThe Halifax haven't included a picture of my car, which possibly accounts for the lower valuation, but they do stress that your £178k includes full use of this rather attractive "south facing communal courtyard". Or the wheelie-bin area, as I like to call it. The tragedy is that they've managed to cut my bedroom window out of the shot by a matter of millimetres. Which ultimately could be their downfall. You can't expect people to put in an offer if they haven't seen my strawberries.