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Monday, June 04, 2007

Big Sis in a Small World
Wyoming – Yellowstone (27 May 2007)

Yellowstone National Park, the most famous and most visited National Park in the whole of the United States. Well personally, I prefer Teton, and Yosemite, and Death Valley and probably several others. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice place and is cunningly designed for those tourists who wish to see the main sites without walking more than a few feet – ahhh... maybe that’s why it’s so popular. As I tried to park along with the rest of America, I realised I should have toured this park by bike too. Altho’ it’s not really set up for biking (another downer in my book).

But, on the plus side, as soon as I did manage to park and escape the hoards, I found many a deserted hiking trail which gave me the opportunity to appreciate the yellow stone in peace. I also got to watch snow. And the geysers spurting boiling water and steam coming out of the ground in random places gave it that magical Disney feel.

The wildlife was pretty cool too. Bison and stags were everywhere... and so were bears apparently. On five occasions I turned up to a spot where a Park Ranger was warning people away because there had just been a bear sighting. Most were of the black variety but I missed a grisly bear by two minutes. I was starting to think the bears were avoiding me for once. But then in the space of an hour, I got to see four of the little gems.

The first was this one... wandering across a field looking particularly cute and cuddly.

And then there was this one. Unfortunately the torrential rain caused the picture to become a little blurry.

But then, the cutest thing of all was watching two baby bears playing as they ran up and down a tree. This way exceeds Phil’s pic of cygnets on the cuteness factor.