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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Big Sis in a Small World
Oregon – Seaside & Crater Lake (4-6 June 2007)

South of SeasideSeattle, WA was a place of goodbyes (to Canada Da) and hellos (to a clean car and a new road trip accomplice, J, not to be confused with Montana J, who's not only from a different state, but a different country, and is also a different gender. Frankly the initial's the only thing they have in common. Visiting from England, J stipulated that he needed heat, sunshine and beach time on this road trip and so being a good host, I took him straight to the Oceanview Lodge which was located a few miles south of Seaside.

7th Most Photographed BeachUnfortunately, Oregon in June is not the warmest of places and it wasn’t long before J was begging to borrow my Alaskan fleece (I knew that would turn out to be a good purchase) as he tried to adjust to a 15°F drop in temperature from the UK. But we did have a fantastic view (see right) of what is apparently the 7th most photographed beach in the world. I wonder how many other beaches claim the same? I took this photo in the hope of pushing it up to number six.

Oceanview LodgeIn addition, the Oceanview Lodge featured a great patio for wining and dining, which also allowed quick and easy access to the freezing cold beach.

Taking J’s wishes to heart, the next day we headed south in search of some heat. Despite driving about eight hours souther through Oregon, our heat and sun search didn’t quite work out as planned...

J in the SnowMe & J in the Snow

But not to be discouraged, we headed onwards towards Crater Lake where I tried to look warm...

Cold at Crater Lake
By this time, J had given up on feeling warm, other than in his dreams of sunny Weymouth. But we both enjoyed the lake and as 3 pictures say 3,000 words...

Crater LakeCrater Lake Again

Crater Lake 3 - The Revenge