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Monday, June 11, 2007

Look! It's Team Cobra!

Team Cobra!
I've no idea who Team Cobra are, what sport they play, or why most of them are middle-aged women with handbags, but what I do know is that it's quite hard to get past them when you're trying to walk along the seafront on a Sunday afternoon. The two on the right are carrying bottles of beer, so I expect it's some kind of drinking club. And with a name like Team Cobra, they're probably on the snakebite.

Anyhoo, it being a June weekend in Brighton, I had a choice of events to attend yesterday. There was the aforementioned Gay Sailing of course, then there was the BBC's Springwatch Festival at Stanmer Park, the NTC Founder's Fun Day at Preston Park (which would be more fun if I knew what NTC stood for), the Hangleton & Knoll Medieval Festival, or the Hove Park 5k Road Race. Which I'd have been tempted to enter if it hadn't involved running.

Classic CarIn the face of so much choice, I did the only thing I could do: I went to Asda. But fortunately I was able to combine it with a trip past the finish line of the London to Brighton Classic Car Run (not to be confused with the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, which is far less interesting). I couldn't tell you what the car on the left is, but I did learn one thing from my tour of the vehicles on display: you know you're getting old when the Morris Marina your brother used to drive in his twenties is now considered a classic car.