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Friday, June 01, 2007

Big Sis in a Small World
Wyoming – Bighorn Mountains & Grand Teton National Park (26 May 2007)

Wyoming... so far, my favourite state. Very, very beautiful and as I drove across the Bighorn Mountains, and got snowed upon, I stopped to take a few photos. I even got my feet wet when pretending to ski... although this deer looked a little alarmed by my antics...

The rest of the drive through the mountains was a little challenging as it got dark but I made it to the
Teton Mountain Lodge before 2am so it beats the Vermont journey. After two visits to Yosemite in previous years and two bear sightings (or rather 'face to face' meetings) I do feel as if I attract bears, and Teton was no different. It was the first thing that greeted me as I walked into my room...

The Teton Bear
The next morning, it was time to check out the
Grand Teton National Park. I managed to get going just before midday and thought I’d just take a quick pre-lunch bike ride before jumping in the car to check out all the Teton sights. Well, in the words of Forest Gump, I just "kept on running". Or cycling in my case.

My Bike & I
Rocky Road

Fifty miles later, a boat trip across Jenny Lake and a two-hour hike up a mountain, and I arrived back at the hotel just in time for dinner. Parts of the hike were a little concerning as I clambered over the boulders near the top, but like Ben & Jerry before me, I managed to conquer the Rocky Road and eventually made it to the summit.

Well not only is Wyoming my favourite state, but Grand Teton National Park is my fave thing to do and so as a picture says a thousand words, here they are...

That's four thousand for a start.