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Sunday, June 17, 2007

London to Brighton Bike RideThe organisers of the Kemp Town Carnival may not have wanted anyone to turn up, but the British Heart Foundation seem to have had other ideas. This was the scene at the finish of their London to Brighton Bike Ride this afternoon. I've never seen Madeira Drive so crowded. Well not since New Year's Day.

To be honest, I slightly regretted turning up, as having spent five minutes trying to pick my way through dozens of cyclists just to get across the road, then another fifteen struggling to find a route through the crowds and down to the finish line, I eventually arrived, discovered there was nothing worth seeing, and realised it was going to take me twenty minutes to get back.

Not that I don't appreciate the charity work involved, but when you've seen a load of people cycling around Brighton naked the week before, it's hard to get excited by a few sweaty people in Lycra. They're just not making the same kind of effort.

Water Cooler MomentI did like the people on the water stall though (or the Hydration Station if you prefer). They seemed to be getting more of it on the floor than down the participants' necks, and the bloke in front of the tables had managed to spill an entire tray of water-filled cups down his front. It was like an episode of 'It's a Knockout'. Stuart Hall would have been hysterical. It's what they call a water cooler moment.

In other news, I'm under strict instructions to mention here that Lisa's discovered an innate ability to play online table tennis. After a weekend in which she fell over while trying to pick up some chocolate chip cookies, spent ten minutes stirring the contents of a saucepan before realising she hadn't turned on the hob, and almost killed herself trying to put up the ironing board, I think she's keen to point out that she's good at something. Although personally I feel that a talent for table tennis just makes her even more like Forrest Gump.