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Friday, June 22, 2007

The Big Toddle 2007Lisa's middle nephew was taking part in The Big Toddle on Brighton seafront this morning. I considered toddling along to show my support, but I was slightly put off by the fact that it was pouring with rain at the time, so after debating the issue for a while, I decided to stay in bed. The weather might not have been good, but every cloud has a silver lining: I know what toddlers are like - one sniff of rain and they're straight into the nearest buggy, which would of course render my pledge of £3 in sponsorship money null and void. I refuse to pay up unless he walks every yard in the pouring rain. It may sound harsh, but they respect you for it in the end.

Unfortunately however, the £3 I've saved by this morning's rain could be little compensation come this evening. Lisa and I are heading off to The Eighties Here And Now, which sounds like a protest march for pensioners, but is in fact an open-air concert at Stanmer Park. I bought Lisa tickets in honour of our third anniversary, thereby forcing her to sell the tickets she already had for OMD at the Dome tonight. I've no idea who booked an 80s act for the same night they were holding a 1980s celebration on the other side of town, but whoever it was, they should be shot. Preferably whilst wearing leg-warmers and shoulderpads.

My biggest worry, apart from the fact that they're charging £10 to park for the evening, is that it's an outdoor event and umbrellas are banned. Not that I have an umbrella (mine broke on a jaunt around Hove in March), but I could have stolen Lisa's. The sun's currently out, but being one of life's pessimists, I'm fully expecting a downpour at about 7:30pm. Possibly localised over north Brighton.

Anyhoo, much as I'd like Lisa to think I'm only going for her benefit, I'm actually quite looking forward to it. I can take or leave Paul Young and Kim Wilde, but I am very keen to see Howard Jones. I'd like to get to know him well. Like to get to know him well. Like to get to know him well, so we can be one, we can be one together. And I'll be telling him that when I meet him backstage afterwards.