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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Following on from yesterday's shameless plug for page 5 of the current issue of The Kemptown Rag (which I won't be repeating), I discovered late last night that in a shocking twist of journalistic fate, I'd actually made it to press a full eight days before The Times with my scoop about Terra Naomi. Yes it's true, my articles are already in Brighton's recycling bins by the time Fleet Street gets its act together.

As it turns out, The Times only managed to publish their act of Terra yesterday. It's a very similar piece to my own. They don't base quite as many puns on the word 'Terra' as I did, and they don't mention sneezing pandas or talking cats, but all of that's understandable - judging by the headline, they were too busy struggling to spell 'Naomi'.

Admittedly I didn't get an interview with the woman, but that's only because I don't hang around the local pubs with a dictaphone and a camera. Well not since the restraining order. So over all, we'll call it a draw.

Pass the bucket.In other news, I came across an interesting site about KFC this morning. Not that I want to give the impression that I sit alone at the weekend looking up fast food joints on the internet. I was actually searching for something far more trivial. Anyhoo, the site's by animal rights group PETA, and is called Kentucky Fried Cruelty. Apparently being eaten is the least of those chickens' worries.

The site includes a petition by my future next-door-neighbour Pink, encouraging people to boycott KFC. It's called 'Kick The Bucket', which quite frankly is inspired. I'd sign it for the title alone.

Pink's not the only famous face supporting the campaign though. According to PETA, their other celebrity endorsers include "Pamela Anderson, Sir Paul McCartney, His Holiness the Dalai Lama & The Rev. Al Sharpton". I think that's what you call an eclectic mix. You just need Jade Goody and you'd have the ultimate line-up for Celebrity Big Brother.

My favourite bit of the site though is this nugget of information:

"KFC's advertising usually leaves out the fact that the company tortures chickens for profit".


Oh, and one more thing: I wouldn't advise you to watch Pamela Anderson's video on the main page. It's the most upsetting thing she's been in since Baywatch. It does feature a lot of breasts, but sadly most of them are attached to chickens.