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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Your WrongThink your smart? Think you can misspell "you're"? Then you too could be writing the signs at The Jury's Out pub in Edward Street. This one's advertising their weekly quiz night. I'm tempted to go. If the questions are set by the person who wrote the sign, it should be pretty simple.

Mind you, spelling isn't their only problem. The pub's called 'The Jury's Out' because it's situated opposite Brighton Magistrates Court. Which of course doesn't have a jury. I think maybe someone should tell them.

Anyhoo, today is mine and Lisa's 40th anniversary. Forty months that is. So to celebrate, we're off to London to see Joseph at the Adelphi Theatre. It's a show, not a friend of ours.

But on the subject of 'Think Your Smart?', I'll leave you with possibly the most bizarre link I've ever posted here. It's a quiz called So You Think You're Clever Hmmn?, written (if you click on her username) by a 14-year-old girl from south-east England who loves writing, playing the drums and drinking tea. We have so much in common. Although she also likes poetry and running, so it's not all good.

Anyway, scroll down past the hailstones and Oompa-Loompas to question number 11.

Of all the world events she could have chosen...


Sebastien B said...

This is a broken link to the old Adelphi Theatre Website, Here's a new one that Works: