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Monday, September 10, 2007

Two months after you thought it was all over...

Big Sis in a Small World
San Diego (12-17 June 2007)

San DiegoWell I can confirm that San Diego, Southern California is still my favorite (sorry, favourite) place in the grand ol' US of A. And what was going to be a two-day visit turned into a six-day holiday as J and I could not bear to tear ourselves away from the sun, sea and sand (after all, it's the first four letters) of San Diego. After spending a night in a hotel which was in the middle of nowhere, we swiftly moved to the Marriot Harbor View where we did indeed get a fantastic harbour view after I persuaded them to upgrade us to a room on the 33rd floor. Little did I know that J had a fear of heights, so he missed all the harbour viewing and refused to go anywhere near our balcony during the entire stay.

Ground Level
Me and RFortunately we had our own local tour guide, a guy named R who walked us along a cliff just before informing us that part of it had collapsed the previous week. He then snuck us past the guards into his old university campus coz it apparently has the best views, before taking us up some hill for a quick photo shoot. The touring was finished off with a meal in La Jolla, which meant J and I could survey the surroundings and make a joint decision to spent the next few days permanently fastened to a La Jolla beach. And that is pretty much what we did for the whole five days...

Me and JJ and Me