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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Big Sis in a Small World
Sedona, Arizona (18-19 June 2007)

Next stop, Arizona. A quick night in Phoenix where I managed to avoid my work colleagues, and I headed on to Sedona where I had this nice view from my hotel room...

A Room With a View
But keen to catch the sunrise, I set out on my bike in search of some red rocks (and I don't mean the cider), only to meet two women, Jill and Jill, wading about in some stagnant water. I soon realised they were trying to get a good photo of a rock, and obviously having water up to their waists did nothing to deter them. Personally I figured I could get a good shot from the side of the bank. That was until I and my camera slipped and landed in a mass of mud.

Red RocksFortunately Jill and Jill leapt to my rescue, and suddenly wading in stagnant water didn’t seem so bad, so I decided to join my new found friends. The Jills even cleaned my mud-covered camera to enable me to get this shot. They also invited me to join them on their next rock sighting which was apparently particularly mystic. But I declined - the urgent removal of mud and stagnant water seemed more appealing than being mystical with my new friends.Me in Sedona

All cleaned up and with a new day ahead of me, I went for another cycle ride through Sedona where I took a few more photos, saw a snake and got chased by a couple of dogs.

Sedona, Arizona