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Sunday, September 23, 2007

I've just been into the bedroom and tried to convey to Lisa via the medium of mime the fact that Marcel Marceau has died. Her exact response was "Are you not feeling very well?", but I think that has more to do with her lack of imagination, rather than my ability to convincingly portray a dead man trapped in a box.

Hilda BraidBut following on from yesterday's close encounter with a TV pensioner, I have high hopes of meeting another one today. The Alzheimer's Society are holding a 'Memory Walk' from Hove Lagoon to Kemp Town, featuring none other than Hilda Braid, who's either Wolfie's mother-in-law in Citizen Smith, or Nana Moon from Eastenders, depending on which generation you're from.

You can't get away from former Eastenders actresses ambling around Brighton for charity at the moment. Only yesterday, Patsy Palmer put on her pyjamas in public and staggered around Stanmer in her slippers with a load of Yummy Mummys. Sadly I wasn't there to see it. I was too busy cooking Lisa thin with a miracle weight loss lasagne, which ended up taking four hours to create. She's a pound heavier this morning, but I'm sure that's just coincidence.

Anyhoo, Nana Moon set off from Hove Lagoon at midday, so she's been pounding the streets for an hour now. Taking into account her age, and any delays suffered by signing autographs for the three people who might recognise her, I estimate that the Memory Walk should be arriving here in Kemp Town about mid afternoon. That's if they remember the way.