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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fortunately not all my mail is hate related. I've now received the official results of last Friday's van-ity project, and I have to say, it contains very few death threats. In fact, having marked me on twenty-five aspects of driving, including 'lane discipline' and 'vehicle sympathy' (both of which are fetishes), Graham the assessor says this:

Emphasis on the serious.
It's like he's never met me. The Pharmacy Manager was very impressed, and is happy for me to start those tasks immediately. So I told her I'd be popping down the shops for some milk.

As it turns out though, I may not be working for the NHS much longer. I was listening to the radio this afternoon, and they played an interview with John Williams, the chairman of Blackburn Rovers. Interestingly, when asked why he chose Paul Ince as the club's new manager, ahead of all the other candidates for the post, John said this:

"He is a very hungry man, he is clearly driven"

Let's face it, with my appetite and driving credentials, I'm halfway to the England job.