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Monday, June 30, 2008

My Mum popped down to Brighton yesterday (I think she wanted to try Windows Vista), and we took the opportunity to swap cars for a few days, so that she can get mine examined by a car surgeon in Suffolk. My Mum's car is the same as mine, but in red instead of blue, and with embarrassing yellow signs in the windows advertising some kind of cabaret act. I drove it to work this morning, and arrived in the car park at the same time as my manager. By the time I'd walked through the pharmacy door, he was busy saying this:

"When I find a t-shirt that I really like, I buy it in three different colours. Phil must be like that with Skodas."

But in other transport news, I'm pleased to announce that Lisa and I have finally got our hands on a baby buggy. And frankly it's more complicated than my computer. We also can't fit it in my flat. Or my car. But I'm sure we'll find a way around that by October. Possibly by investing in lottery tickets.

This particular 'child transport system' (as the manufacturer delightfully puts it) comes courtesy of the lovely Lorraine, who bought it last year, before deciding she didn't really need it for Timmy, and would buy a new one for her baby. Interestingly, in searching for a convenient Timmy link for that last sentence, I've just read this post from January, in which I not only mention the fat cat himself, but also buggies and my car, before coming dangerously close to predicting Lisa's pregnancy a good two weeks before we found out she was expecting. I'm the best fate-tempter in the business. But I digress...

In return for a free pushchair, Lisa and I had to spend half an hour with Lorraine's parents, chatting about camels and Hugh Heffner, before they agreed to let us into their shed to pick it up. It was a small price to pay. Although any longer and I'd have given up and gone to Mothercare.

Having waved goodbye, we then wheeled the contraption and its two sackloads of accessories down the road to my car, where we spent five minutes trying to work out how to fold it down, before giving up, removing the back seats of the car, and shoving the whole lot in. Lisa won't have it in the flat (which is handy, as it won't fit through the front door) because, as everybody knows, it's bad luck to have a buggy in the house without a baby. Mainly because it means you've left the baby down the shops. So instead, I dropped it off at her Mum's. She has a lot more room. Or she did until I dropped off the buggy. Frankly, having seen how much space it takes up, I think the baby's going to be walking everywhere.